Britain's cocoa makers 1650-1940

Our ongoing research is turning up a surprising number of companies involved in the production of cocoa across the UK.
Was cocoa ever produced in your town?

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1650Jobson, CirqueOxford
1652 Dakins, John London
1660 Sury, M. Oxford
c1670 Stubbe, Henry Chocolata Royale / Ordinary Chocolata London
1729-1761 Churchman, WalterPatent / Common Standard / Superfine Bristol
c1743 Taylor, Josias London
1759 Wilson, John & Thomas Thornhill
1761-1787 Fry, Joseph & John Vaughan Bristol
1765 Berry, Mary & Thomas Manchester
c1767 James, Hugh London
1776 Cowbell, Charles Gro-Cocoa Dublin
1785-1848 Tuke, Henry Superior Rock Cocoa / British Cocoa / Rich Cocoa York
c1785 Dyer's Bristol
1787-1805 Fry, Anna & Son Fine Crown / Patent Cocoa Bristol
1789 White, George Bailey Patent Cocoa
1790-1801 Bourdillon New-Invented Cocoa London
c1791-1838 Twinings London
1794 Garratt, Francis Queen's Cocoa London
1800 Dykes, T Dr Buchan's Cocoa London
1801 Church, Henry Unadulterated Cocoa London
1802 Hudson & Co Iceland Moss Cocoa London
1803-1805 Hunt, Henry
1805-1822 Fry & Hunt Bristol
1810-1812 Dykes & Denton Iceland Moss / Broma London
1812 Wilson, W Sassafras Cocoa London
1812-1890 Collier, James Patent Chocolate Powder London
1815- Strickland, Charles Genuine Broma / Prepared Powder Chocolate London
1817-1908 Taylor Brothers Maravilla London
c1817 Stokes, F Peck's Cocoa Paste London
1819-1930 Dunn & Hewett Vanilla Shilling Chocolate / Patent Lentilized Chocolate / BromatineLondon
1820-1825 Samuel Hickson & Co Prepared Cocoa Paste / Pure Unmixed London
1822- Hooper & Lambert London
1822 Garnett, J Genuine Improved Cocoa Paste London
1822-1957 Fry, JS & Sons Best Nibs / Fine Crown / Cocoa Paste /Broma / Pearl, Rock, Flaked, Allopathic, Caracas, Flag and Malted Cocoa Bristol
1824-present Cadbury 21 varieties Birmingham
1826- Stratton, JW Homoeopathic Cocoa / Sir Hans Sloan's Sassafras Milk Chocolate, and others London
1826 Graham, F Sassafras Cocoa and Patent Cocoa London
c.1829 Marshall, John London
1829-1851 Nicol & Co London
1831-1851 Relfe, John Peculiarly Prepared Homoeopathic Cocoa London
1837-1924 Thorne, Henry & Co Health Cocoa Leeds
1839-1925 Epps, James & Co Homoeopathic Cocoa / Cocoaine London
1843 Fortnum & Mason Improved Cocoa Paste London
1846 Headland, William Homoeopathic Cocoa London
1846-1852 De La Motte, Dr Sassafras Cocoa London
1848-1862 Tuke & Casson York
1848-1873 Turner, H & Co Dandelion / Iceland Moss / Pure Chocolate PowderManchester
1850 Cooper, WT Dietetic Cocoa London
1850 Capper & Grays Dietetic Cocoa London
1850 Graham & Hedley Roll Cocoa / Genuine Soluble Liverpool
1850 Tordoff, John & Sons Bradford
c1850 Hawthorn & Co Celebrated Soluble Cocoa London
1850-1880 Phillips & Co Homoeopathic Cocoa / Cocoa Essence London
1850-1876 Leath & Ross Homoeopathic Cocoa London
1851-1865 Linsley, John Leeds
c1851 Cassel, John Celebrated Cocoa London
1851 Moore & Buckley Cocoa & Milk Ranton Abbey
1851-1858 Paris Chocolate Company Various London
1851-1865 Handford & Davies Stomachic Chocolate and others London
1851-1871 Thompson & Capper Homoeopathic Cocoa / Shilling Cocoa Liverpool
1851 Gatti & Bolla Genuine French Chocolate Powder London
1852 King, Dr Sarsaparilla Cocoa
1853 Steel & Smith Dandelion Cocoa Paste Bath
1853-1869 Satterthwaite, William Genuine Trinidad Cocoa Manchester
c1854 Peek Brothers & Co Purified Soluble Chocolate London
c1854 Kemper, JH Pure Cocoa London
c1854 Sparrow, Henry Improved Dietetic Cocoa London
c1854 Steane, Joseph Oxford
c1854 Tyler & Essex Best Soluble Cocoa London
c1854 Barry, D & Co Pulmonic Cocoa, Nerve Cocoa and others London
1855Darling, WilliamManchester
1856-1860Stovin, JosephBass Imperial Chocolate PowderNorthampton
1860-Schweitzer, HAnti-dyspeptic Cocoa / CocoatinaBrighton
1860-Farmer, James & CoIceland Moss CocoaLondon
1861EP ShawHomoeopathic CocoaWakefield
1862-RowntreePrize Medal Rock CocoaYork
1862-Dykes, Barry & CoLondon
1863-1893Birks, JS & TRHomoeopathic CocoaSheffield
1864Coning, T & SonsYork
1866-1869Randall, JohnMurly Concentrated Dandelion CocoaTorquay
1868Butcher, William & CoHomoeopathic CocoaBlackheath
1873-1901Compagnie FrancaiseExcel CocoaLondon
1876-1881Hooker, JCream-Milk & CocoaShardlow
1880Smith, T & HCacaolactineEdinburgh
1880Moir, John & SonCocoa & MilkAberdeen
1880-1886Baron Liebig's Cocoa DepotLeguminous Cocoa PowderLondon
c1880-1887Allen, Frederick & SonsLondon
1881White Lion Cocoa CompanyPure Extract of CocoaLondon
1881-1885Tulloch, William & SonPure Dutch CocoaLondon
1885-Savory & MoorePeptonised Milk & Cocoa / Van Steen'sLondon
1886-1936Rothwell, JohnWelcoGolborne
1888Burgess, ELondon
1888-1902London Productive SocietyNutritional Cocoa / Laproso CocoaThames Ditton
1889-1911BovrilBovril Cocoa / Kudos Cocoa EssenceLondon
1889-1896Root & CoCuca CocoaLondon
1890Shuttleworth, WS & CoLondon
1891-1937Blind Tea AgencyBraille Cocoa
1894Scott & ScottCocoanaBirmingham
1894United Tea Supply AgencyHorne's Digestive CocoaLondon
1895Wood, Chapman & CoCoral CocoaLondon
c.1895-1914Faulder, Henry & CoGolden Cup CocoaStockport
1895-1918LiptonOriental Chocolate PowderLondon
1895-1922Dr TibblesVi-CocoaWatford
1895Gaskin's Colonial CocoaPerfect Cocoa
1891Keiller, James & SonDundee
1897Abram Lyle & SonsLyle's CocoaLondon
1897-1905Nelson & CoLincolnshire?
1898-1900Velcot Cocoa CompanyElland
1901-1924Mazawattee Tea CoLatariba Cocoa / Dee & Ess Cocoa EssenceLondon
1902English & Scottish Co-operative Wholesale SocietyLutonaLuton
1902Clarke Nicholls & CoombsClarnico CocoaLondon
1904-1914Cereal Food CompanyBlakey's Malted Cocoa EssenceLincoln
1904-1922Pure Cocoa CompanyLondon
1904Prideaux's Pure CaseinCasumen and Life Food CocoaMotcombe
1904-1908Peek FreanTilia Cocoa
1905Payne, George & CoCivic CocoaLondon
1906Walker & ThomasRoyal CocoaLondon
1908Doctor's Digestive Cocoa CompanyLondon
1909-1926Shaw BrothersNottinghamshire?
1909-presentSainsbury, J
1911-Sandow, EugenHealth & Strength CocoaLondon
1911-1926Savoy Confectioners CoDublin
1911Tetley, Joseph & CoLondon
1912-1950Blakey's Food CompanyBlakey's Malted Cocoa EssenceLincoln
1913-presentOvaltineKing's Langley
1914Thew, Hooker & GilbeyBivouac CocoaBuckingham
1914International PlasmonPlasmon Oat-Cocoa
1916Colemans TonicCocoa CubesNorwich
until-1918Horniman, WH & FJ & CoPure Cocoa
1918Lyons, J & CoHorniman's CocoaLondon
1919Victor's Cocoa CompanyLiverpool
1919Fullers CakesFullers Drinking ChocolateHammersmith
1923Tynedale Pure CocoaJesmond
1929-presentHorlicksChocolate Flavoured Malted DrinkSlough
1930Dr ThompsonsMalted Slippery Elm Cocoa
1931Oxo CompanyOxade Cocoa
1938-1946Nobby's ProductsBarlovaHyde
1941Brooke BondDividend Cocoa
1942-1944Jenner's FoodsJenner's MaltedManchester
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